Amaroli Therapy

Amaroli Therapy (photo credit to

Amaroli Therapy
(photo credit)

Yogini Secret: I drink my urine…let me tell you why

The first time I heard about urine therapy, or amaroli, as it is called in the Hatha Yoga Pradipka, I was a bit confused…wait, isn’t urine a waste product?

Although this is a common perception in the west, the yogis disagree. Urine therapy has been used for thousands of years as a cure all for diseases and to aid in spiritual practice. Urine can safely used topically, as a nasal wash and taken internally. When used internally, according to Yogani, it delivers vital elements that help in immune system support, purification and the balancing of hormones. In addition to healing benefits, the practice also is said to influence the nervous system creating more stillness, higher levels of awareness, and increase natural sublimation of sexual energy.

Something about this practice called to me and I decided to take it on as an experiment. It took a bit of willpower to get over the initial “ick” response (I started by plugging my nose!), but now it is an easy part of my morning routine.

Here are the practical aspects if you are inspired to try it for yourself:

1. Use the midstream of your first morning urine, discarding the beginning and end

2. Don’t use urine therapy if you are taking allopathic medications or if you have eaten unhealthy foods; this practice works best with a sattvic yogic diet

3. Drink urine undiluted on a empty stomach and wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking; it’s fine to brush your teeth afterward to remove any odor or aftertaste



Drink To Your Health, Urine Therapy

Amaroli Urine Therapy


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