Rites of Passage


An Altar for Shiva (The Divine Masculine)

I am a Woman now…I am a Goddess

On the summer solstice in 2013, I participated in a rites of passage ceremony for women at Agama and received my spiritual name. The following passage is my reflection on that sacred night…

The entire process of the Rites of Passage was transformative from the first moment we began preparations. The energy of the sisterhood kept building throughout the 10 days of tapas and the ceremony itself was supercharged. The most special aspect for me was the strong connection cultivated between the women and the Grace that we all received. I felt all the aspects of the process created sacredness for the ritual. The tapas and transfiguration, sacred silence, fire puja, dancing, ritual bath and final ceremony were all extremely powerful. One month later, I still can’t quite explain the shift that happened that night. The intention that we set to step fully into womanhood was heard by the Universe and I feel completely supported in my new role as a strong and confident woman. I feel more freedom, self-acceptance and peace…and I truly see myself as a manifestation of the Goddess. I would encourage any woman who feels called to participate in this life changing experience.


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