Tantric Yoga


Lovers at Sunset on Chao Phao Beach

A Letter from Agama…

Tantra is amazing…there is so much I could say, but really it’s only describing the container and not the contents. The rituals are a very powerful aspect for me personally. I am also building my practice of asana and pranayama and deepening my understanding of energy and the chakras. This year was my first experience practicing with a partner and while it does take some conscious effort, it isn’t so difficult to move sexual energy and, in doing so, I’ve experienced extended states of bliss, love and oneness.

There is no “political correctness” around here and there is a freedom and deep healing in letting go of the misguided notions of men, women and relationships. The emphasis is on fully accepting with joy the roles of the Divine masculine and feminine. One is not put above the other. Instead, both are celebrated while acknowledging that the differences are what creates the spark that lights up the world — the dance of manifestation.

Tantra opens it’s arms and embraces everything. You have lust? Bring it. You have anger? Bring it. You have jealousy? Bring it!! Anything you have can be sublimed and transmuted for your spiritual evolution. No part of yourself is too dark or too ugly.

And there are challenges — every. single. day. It’s rare if people aren’t experiencing some sort of purification or catharsis. Working this intensely moves things fast. It’s a strong practice and I am grateful that I can have a spiritual path that allows me to fully open to every aspect of myself…holding nothing back as long as I have the courage to face it all, tear down my ego, humble myself and offer my surrender.


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