I ❤ India


Sunrise over Hampi, Karnataka


I woke up just before 3 a.m. and I could smell the charge in the air and the electricity on my skin of the coming storm. First the lightening, then dull thunder in the distance…and then the rain, which has such a different quality than any rain I’ve experienced before. There is an urgency and intensity…

And so it begins…my first monsoon season. It’s come early this year in south India…but also right on time. I just started Panchakarma — an Ayurvedic cleanse — and they say the best place to do Panchakarma is in south India and the best time is during the monsoon. So apparently, I am in the right place and the right time…

To summarize my experience in India so far would be impossible and inadequate. And while I still don’t know exactly what it was that I came to find, I am confident that I am getting what I need from my time here. In the last month in particular, I have felt like there is healing happening on a very deep level. And now I am in this beautiful setting and I will spend almost six weeks sitting with myself without the upheaval that comes from moving from place to place. I don’t know what I will come face to face with, but I feel prepared.

My doctor is self-realized. She is 37 years old and to hear her tell her story and to look into her eyes is astonishing. The most surprising thing is how normal it all is. In Oneness, they talk about how the awakened state isn’t something flashy — it’s just experiencing life as it really is…


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