Reflections on Ananda


Springtime at the Crystal Hermitage

The community of Ananda is stunning. The combination of the beautiful setting and the genuinely happy people that I met set the tone for my time there. I have never felt so embraced and held in that way before and it gave me a perfect opportunity for discovery in a safe environment. I never would have believed it possible that people could live so harmoniously – respecting each other and providing support so that everyone can reach their highest potential. I met people there that I have no doubt will be part of my life forever. During my stay and since I have returned there has been some dramatic shifts in my perceptions. Challenges that I have had my entire life just dissolved. I have never felt so free and full of joy. While I know that this life will never be without adversity – I have a calm confidence that I have the strength to meet anything that comes. I can’t remember my heart ever being so open before…

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